• Take the bandage off your tattoo in three hours.
  • Wash with lukewarm water with antibacterial soap.
  • Pat with a paper towel, do not rub.

Avoid swimming and submerging your tattoo in a pool, bath, or a hot tub for at least two weeks. also stay out of rivers, lakes, streams and brackish water


The following instructions describe how to care after mid-body (nipple and navel) piercings.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your piercing or jewelry.
  • Wash the area surrounding and including the piercing with an antibacterial soap or a liquid antimicrobial skin cleanser.
  • Lather the jewelry and rotate it or move it back and forth through the piercing several times.
  • Rinse the piercing, jewelry and the surrounding area thoroughly under running water. While rinsing, rotate the jewelry several times.
  • Pat the piercing using a disposable tissue or cotton swabs, do not rub with a towel.

swimming and submerging your piercing in a clean pool, hot tub or bath is ok, but avoid  rivers, lakes, streams and brackish water,

 Healing can take from two months to one year.